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The study of medicine can only be started with a particularly good numerus clausus or with many waiting semesters. It usually takes 12 semesters and is packed with internships, exams and academic papers, both in the preclinical and clinical sections. And because of a prospective doctor is of course expected that he can also show a doctorate, the dissertation is still made during the study. If you want to take a well deserved break here and need support, then our website is in the right place.

Whether it’s a literature review, a synopsis, a science paper, or an editorial, our company offers professional, reliable support at every stage with academic ghostwriters in the medical field.


In the packed curriculum of medicine study, the learning of scientific work and writing is often too short. These skills are required in house and seminar work or in the doctoral thesis. We offer you a variety of support for your medical studies. Whether you just want to get advice, need an exposé or request help with the literature search. Our experienced medical ghostwriters can provide you with expert support at every stage of your medical studies. In doing so, we can prepare a template for your final thesis or proofread your already written scientific work by a subject matter expert.


No matter if you study medicine in a classical way or have chosen a more specialized study like medical technology or medical and ambulance medicine – we always have the right ghostwriter for you! Due to our large pool of authors, we can also offer you competent and high-quality support in specialized subjects.

We have a particularly large number and excellently trained physicians in our Team, who come from various fields and cover the entire range of topics. Thus, we can offer you, among other things, excellent technical expertise in the areas of anesthesiology, ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, paediatrics, orthopedics and pathology.

Also in the preparation and evaluation of empirical studies, which are frequently part of a thesis in the medical field, we can stand by your side professionally. Our ghostwriters from the field of medicine are experts in the preparation of expert interviews and surveys and are well versed in the popular statistical programs such as SPSS, Stata or R from. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to carry out a complete empirical investigation for you or to statistically evaluate the results of your own examination for you.


The price for the creation of a scientific text in the field of medicine is calculated individually for each order. The reasons for this are the many different factors that influence the pricing:

  • Scope / Number of Pages: The most critical factor is the desired amount of work. You can specify the scope of your request in the form of page numbers. Only pure text pages (including illustrations) count to the extent, all directories and attachments you get for free. A text page usually contains 300 words or 1,800 characters. Since we calculate our prices per page, the total price increases according to the desired page numbers.
  • Complexity of the topic: The more complex the topic, the more effort the ghostwriter has to spend to create a high quality work. This is reflected in the price again. As a rule, subjects from the natural sciences have a higher degree of difficulty than subjects of economics.
  • Delivery date: If you would like to receive a text with a size of 40 pages in 6 weeks, we can make you a better offer than if you need this text within 2 weeks.
  • Literature work or empirical work: A pure literature work is less time consuming than an empirical work, which is why the prices are correspondingly lower.
  • Language: It is crucial whether you want to have a desired text in German or in a foreign language.


Our goal is to make the entire order process as transparent as possible for you and to convince you that you are in our competent, professional hands. An elementary part of this is our customer support, which can be reached every day in different ways.

On the right side of the page you will find our live chat where you can contact us directly. Here your questions are answered directly by a colleague. In addition, feel free to ask us your questions via e-mail or through our social media platforms.

If you would rather discuss your concerns personally with us, you can also reach us by phone or quite conveniently arrange a callback. If you have no further questions and would like to receive a specific offer for your desired order, please use our inquiry form.

Please provide as much information about your order as you can. If you already have an existing bibliography or finished sections of your work, you can also attach them as a file. The more we learn about your specific topic and your mission, the better we can choose the optimal specialist author for you.